We are firm believers in the importance of active ownership. This is a valuable tool to help companies transition in an orderly fashion, to adapt and increase their resilience. It also means we can make a positive contribution to The Sustainability Revolution. We enter into dialogue with companies, engage with them and use our votes to guide them towards a more sustainable operating model. We also use this dialogue to enhance our understanding of a company’s sustainability, giving us an information advantage that can feed back into investment analysis.


proxy voting.

We use our Voting Guidelines to make vote decisions that in our view protect and enhance the long term value of our Clients’ assets. We see Voting, together with Engagement, as the crucial elements of our Stewardship approach. Exercising voting rights on behalf of our clients allows us to express our view on critical matters affecting our investee companies, and also companies’ impact on societies and the environment. In doing so, we consider matters (this list is not exhaustive) such as strategy, corporate governance, share capital management, shareholders’ rights, audit issues, transparency, disclosure, remuneration, social and environmental matters and companies’ alignment with the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy. These principles reflect our belief that sound and solid corporate governance structures and the effective management of social and environmental risks create a frameworks within which a company can be run in the long-term interests of its shareholders and stakeholders.

 Our Vote activity disclosures are available here.

 Our Voting Guidelines are available here.

Should you have any questions, please contact Rebeca Coriat, our Head of Stewardship or our Proxy Voting Team.