a CLIC® economy through systems change.

Today, we live in an economy that is characterised by value destruction. The way people consume, produce, and organise their lives is unsustainable. We call this wasteful, idle, lopsided and dirty economy the WILD economy.

The economy is transitioning towards a model that is geared towards leveraging the vast value creation opportunities that sustainability has to offer. The vision for that future is clear: an economy that is circular, lean, inclusive and clean, the CLIC® economy.

unlocking potential and gaining momentum.

The transition to a CLIC® economy should unlock trillions in untapped value. And the opportunities for sustainable growth are massive: unrecycled e-waste contains 17 times the amount of gold as raw gold ore; trillions in assets currently sit idle and are ripe for exploitation through a more sharing-oriented economy; modest action on gender parity could add USD 12 trillion to the global economy by 2025; and renewable energy often costs less than traditional fossil fuels.

The transition to the CLIC® economy is gaining speed, driven by market forces, investors, consumer demand, and policy and regulation.


Source: LOIM. For illustrative purposes only.