The transition to net zero is the most significant economic challenge of our time. Our planet has been pushed beyond its manageable boundaries and the way businesses and people consume need to radically change to build a new sustainable future. Our global economy must evolve from the patterns of value destruction of the past to become Circular, Lean, Inclusive and Clean – a CLIC® economy.

At Lombard Odier, we take a forward-looking approach to sustainability. Our research shows we must transform our usage of land, energy systems and materials so that we can operate safely within planetary boundaries. What’s more, by effectively using carbon pricing as an enabler to encourage capital allocation to transition aligned activities it could be possible to accelerate the transition to net zero. 

Using this science-based and forward-looking approach, we are adapting portfolios to this new economic landscape and creating novel strategies centred on nature-positive and climate-aligned goals.

sustainability strategies.


CLIC® economy and key systems change


The wasteful and destructive economy of today is transitioning towards a model that is geared towards leveraging the vast value creation opportunities that sustainability has to offer - an economy that is circular, lean, inclusive and clean: the CLIC® economy. 



transforming key systems

Our conviction is that the transition to a CLIC® economy requires profound change in major systems that affect 95% of our investment universe. There are three key areas where investment is needed at scale to effect urgent transformation and ensure we respect planetary boundaries. 

The transition to a new reality will transform the parameters for investing as we anticipate 95% of companies will be affected.