Our 29-strong Global Equities investment team manages a range of long-only portfolios across active high conviction and systematic factor-enhanced investment solutions. At the heart of our investment philosophy is sustainability. We believe it is the founding principle of long term economic and investment outcomes. In doing so, we look to identify companies where the market is, in our view, undervaluing their ability to generate sustainable excess economic returns in the future.

    our equities range.

    high conviction equities.

    We take a three-pillar investment approach to identify companies we believe to be more sustainable over the long-term, looking for 1) sustainable financial models, 2) sustainable business practices and 3) sustainable business models.

    • Emerging markets
    • Europe
    • Global trends and sustainability thematics 
    • Swiss equities

    systematic equities.

    Rules-based portfolios with carefully controlled tracking error and equal exposure across five well-documented factors: quality, value, momentum, low risk and small size – while simultaneously seeking meaningful, positive impact from an ESG perspective.

    • Global Responsible Equity
    • US
    • Europe
    • Switzerland
    • Emerging markets
    • Japan

    We are able to create bespoke solutions through dedicated mandates that fit our clients’ specific objectives and constraints, thanks to our flexible infrastructure, powerful quantitative platform and rich tools.

    TargetNetZero Equity

    The TargetNetZero Global and European core equity strategies focus on companies contributing to rapid decarbonisation and the potential to achieve full decarbonisation by 2050. These strategies aim to capture opportunities and reduce risks by increasing exposure to companies that that are well-positioned for this rapid economic and environmental transition, while reducing exposure to companies that are more poorly aligned. 

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    emerging markets.

    In a world of scarcer capital growth, major shifts in emerging markets create potentially valuable opportunities. Emerging markets, which include China, India and other fast-growing nations, look very different now compared a decade ago. 

    Our Asia High ConvictionChina High Conviction and Emerging High Conviction strategies seek, through disciplined rigour, the most sustainable opportunities in emerging markets.


    Europe is home to some of the world’s most recognised brands, leading innovators and dominant businesses. From best-in-class operators to trailblazers expanding in emerging markets, we think Europe has much to offer.

    Our active strategies, such as Europe High Conviction and Continental Europe Family Leaders, aim to capture the diversity of investment opportunities across the region.

    global trends and sustainability thematics.

    A number of long-term trends are reshaping the global landscape. These structural trends can provide rich and varied sources of potential outperformance, in our view.

    Our specialist teams focus on thematic universes that span population ageing (Golden Age), providing better care at lower cost (Global HealthTech, NextGen BioTech), consumer trends (World Brands), financial technology (Global FinTech), climate transition (Climate Transition), the transformation of global food systems (New Food Systems) and natural capital (Natural Capital).


    Switzerland ranks highly in competitiveness, and is well known for its long record of stability and strong governance. Swiss equities provide a diverse multi-cap universe: from fast-growing small and mid-caps, to established industry leaders venturing into high growth emerging markets.

    Our Zurich-based team applies their local expertise on a global horizon to identify the best Swiss equity investment opportunities

    systematic strategies.

    Lombard Odier IM’s systematic strategies combine the selection of best-in-class ESG companies with attractive financial characteristics. It offers a potentially cost-efficient way for investors to diversify their growth assets while being in better control of risk. 

    Our approach covers is proprietary, transparent and scalable, allowing tracking error targets to be tailored to clients’ preferences.

    Further insights

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      Shipping and the transition to net zero

      The latest Net Zero Transition Forum, held by Lombard Odier and University of Oxford, gathered expert opinion on decarbonising shipping.

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      Investing in the future of food

      There is an urgent need to re-evaluate our wasteful and unsustainable food systems. How can investors align portfolios with this shift?

    • Eco-design and repair for circularity and regeneration
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      Eco-design and repair for circularity and regeneration

      Companies embedding reuse, repair and recyclability in their products support the regeneration of nature while also creating new profit pools of opportunity.