partnering with wholesale clients.

Through bespoke, sustainable investment solutions, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our wholesale clients. Search for a fund below.

sustainable solutions.

Lombard Odier Investment Managers is the privately owned asset management business of Lombard Odier Group, which has served our clients for seven generations since its establishment in 1796.

Our heritage, and our combination of the best of conservatism, innovation and commitment to investing in the sustainability revolution, keep us well positioned to create lasting value for our clients. With over 130 investment professionals and a network of 13 offices across Europe, Asia and North America, we are a global business.

Our fund platform provides institutions access to a comprehensive range of high conviction and systematic investment expertise that covers the investment spectrum.

why Lombard Odier IM.



We focus on where we can add the most value and being your trusted, long-term business partner. 



Whether they are fiduciary requirements or portfolio needs, we look to understand your specific requirements so that we can offer the best possible services. 


We are guided by the simple belief that sustainability drives future returns: companies with a combination of sustainable financial models, business practices and business models will drive excess returns. Recognised as a corporation committed to driving sustainability, we were the first global wealth and asset manager to obtain a B Corp certification.


the search for sustainable returns.


emerging markets.

As a lower-for-longer environment persists for global bond yields, emerging economies present an opportunity to invest in a structural growth story.

Emerging market economies have transformed fundamentally over the last 30 years. We offer a range of high conviction strategies that seek to identify the most sustainable investment opportunities in Asian dollar credit, Asian equities and emerging market equities.


global megatrends.

The sustainability revolution is changing consumers, companies, regulators, asset managers and ultimately, how investors behave.

By cutting through the short-lived noise and looking at long-term trends, investors could capitalise on potentially rich and diverse sources of more sustainable outperformance. Our multi-sector thematic equities span population ageing (Golden Age) and tomorrow’s consumer trends (Global Prestige).


rising volatility.

As volatility returns to the markets, whether driven by trade tensions or potential rising rates, investors face uncertain times ahead.

Convertible bonds have asymmetrical features of both stocks and bonds, which can provide useful diversification for traditional portfolios. Our flagship convertible bond strategy, launched in 1987, seeks out the best opportunities worldwide, with a focus on balanced convertibles with good quality credit. Our shorter duration cash solutions can also provide a place to park structural cash while maintaining liquidity.


ESG and carbon risks.

Managing extra-financial risks and targeting a lower carbon footprint are more than a checkbox exercise: we believe they go hand-in-hand with delivering sustainable financial performance.

Our ESG capabilities span the full spectrum: embedded sustainability in all our equities strategies, in convertibles and corporate and government bond funds; a multi-factor responsible equity range – as well as dedicated impact solutions such as the Climate Bond Fund and private equity impact.


the team.

Samira Sadik
Wholesale Distribution Switzerland


Selina Tyler
Wholesale Distribution United Kingdom


Aude Dhuivonroux 
Head of Sales, France


Anja Combrink-Birkholz
Wholesale Distribution Germany


Giancarlo Fonseca 
Head of Sales, Italy 


Marius Dekker
Wholesale Distribution Northern Europe

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