The following risks may be materially relevant but may not always be adequately captured by the summary risk indicator and may cause additional loss: Counterparty risk, Concentration risk and Model risk. Sustainability risks may lead to a significant deterioration in the financial profile, profitability or reputation of an underlying investment and may therefore have a significant impact on its market price or liquidity. The environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) considerations discussed herein may affect an investment team’s decision to invest in certain companies or industries from time to time. Results may differ from portfolios that do not apply similar ESG considerations to their investment process.

Sustainable Private Credit 

financing climate solutions at scale with private debt.

We invest in companies which actively support the climate transition.

How? By taking a solutions-based approach, purposefully lending to firms seeking private debt capital to scale their impact in contributing to a global net-zero pathway. 

The outcome? A sustainability approach that seeks to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns while delivering measurable impact – with capital preservation a priority.

clean solutions at scale.

We believe some of the most compelling opportunities today come from selectively catalysing the scaling-up of providers of sustainable goods, services or distributed real assets that are disrupting idle, carbon-intensive infrastructure.

While a surge of capital seeks to deploy into megatrends, most climate solution providers operate within fragmented markets which are just beyond the reach of traditional debt financing.

Our collaborative financing approach seeks to unlock a path to greater scale for these companies by providing USD 15-25 million secured credit facilities and best-in-class sustainability resources, which attract lower-cost capital. This has helped drive outperformance while targeting USD 1.4 billion1 in follow-on equity commitments into our investee companies and their affiliates – proof of our ability to help climate-focused firms achieve scale.

Our focus: six specialisms in distributed clean industries.

the opportunity.

With USD 24.5 trillion of capital expenditure to be deployed in electrification this decade alone, and a structural shift towards the decentralisation of the energy system, we anticipate a generational opportunity for impact investing that is non-concessionary: contributing to sustainability solutions while aiming to generate strong financial returns.

We see deep alignment between profit and purpose – particularly where sustainable solutions provide an opportunity to disrupt established markets that serve essential needs while delivering excess value to stakeholders.

This alignment of returns is additionally supported by considerable policy tailwinds, which may drive resilience and lessen correlation with broader economic trends. With decentralisation a secular trend in many markets, we believe private credit is playing a key role in aggregating proven solutions while creating value for both investors and portfolio companies.

delivering impact.


Source: LOIM Research. For illustrative purposes only. There is no guarantee that a target objective will be reached (not an accurate indicator).

our strategy.

Our targeted private credit strategy provides exclusive access to (typically) smaller opportunities via our proprietary network of personal contacts – opportunities that simply don’t reach the market.

As such, these more focused, smaller credits, are originated through our close networks, often with shorter maturities, meaning investors.

Additionally, our robust covenants ensure bespoke deal terms, providing early warning triggers should we need to withdraw our lending if these are transgressed, e.g. a predefined debt to equity ratio, revenues, or M&A activity.  

  • Hands-on sustainable investment approach to deliver capital and purposeful engagement to companies at critical inflection points
  • Help catalyse growth potential and measurable impact, seeking to mobilise further capital at greater and lower cost for our investees
  • Active stewardship strategy to support our portfolio companies in becoming the next generation of climate leaders

key portfolio characteristics.


LOIM Sustainable Private Credit Fund

Traditional direct lending

Deal size range

USD 10 – 50 million

USD 75 – 150 million

Origination focus


Financial sponsors

Sourcing process

Off-market, less competitive

Competitive auction process

Sourcing channels

Relationship / referral-based

Bank / sponsor syndicates

Structural emphasis

Senior secured / shorter duration

Senior secured to junior mezzanine


Robust & bilaterally negotiated



Strong structural control

Less structural control

Source of alpha

Stewardship & complexity premium

Fund leverage

Equity participation

Additional upside via equity alignment

Not typically available 

Source: LOIM 2023. For illustrative purposes only.

why us?

SPC - focus.svg

Distinctive focus

We seek to capture attractive investment risk premia by providing transitional, structured growth capital to motivated firms – typically as the sole lender in a capital structure. Our team’s experience in bespoke private-market transactions enables efficiency in execution, while our focus on aligned bilateral investments allows for robust structural controls to be negotiated.

SPC - differentiated.svg

Differentiated origination

Our collaborative and reputation-based approach, focused on delivering non-concessionary impact, allows for differentiated origination with less competitive tension. With a ‘positive-sum’ mindset that purposefully seeks to deliver more than capital to help achieve climate goals, we believe we are able to attract best-in-class entrepreneurs and create access to bespoke investments with positive convexity.

SPC - downside protection.svg

Downside protection

This is our priority, and it is underpinned by shorter duration, first-lien, senior-secured positions and conservatively valued assets and collateral analysed in various scenarios. We believe our robust investment process reduces operational and governance risk, and underwriting typically based on visible cash flows allows us to manage performance, technology and merchant risks.


Capital preservation represents a portfolio construction goal and cannot be guaranteed.

portfolio managers.

Our Co-Portfolio Managers bring an average of 20 years’ private credit origination and investment experience. We strive to be a valued partner who brings more than just capital to climate-focused businesses. We seek to unlock investor value by engaging companies on ESG alignment and reporting practices that are expected at scale. 

As part of the first global wealth and asset manager to achieve B Corp accreditation, the team harnesses a pioneering a science-based approach to investing in the climate transition and is supported by a 48-strong team of sustainability experts.   



Peter Pulkkinen 
Portfolio Manager

Peter Pulkkinen joined LOIM in February 2021. Before joining LOIM, Peter was Portfolio Manager for the Avenue Sustainable Solutions Fund. Peter has over 20 years of relevant industry experience having held senior roles at leading institutions with direct responsibility for sustainable private debt investments across renewable energy, infrastructure and project and asset backed finance at firms including BNP Paribas, Silverpeak, UBS AG, and Deutsche Bank AG. Peter began his career in private credit at Lehman Brothers. Peter earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire (1992) and a Masters in International Affairs from The Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, with a concentration in International Finance/Economics (2004).


Rhys Marsh
Portfolio Manager 
Rhys Marsh joined LOIM in February 2021. Before joining LOIM, Rhys was Managing Director and head of origination for the Avenue Sustainable Solutions Fund. Rhys has extensive experience in developing sustainable private credit platforms and solutions-based origination, including leading the formation of a renewables and distributed generation project finance lending platform at CIT Group Inc. Previously, Rhys assisted in the investment activities of the credit desk at LibertyView Capital, a Lehman Brothers-owned hedge fund, and began his career at Citigroup focused on corporate lending in the tech, media & telecom sectors.  Rhys earned a B.A. in Political Science, cum laude, from Duke University (2005).


Adriana Becerra Cid
Sustainability Manager 
Adriana Becerra Cid joined LOIM Sustainable Investment Research Strategy & Stewardship team (SIRSS) in March 2021. Before joining LOIM, Adriana was a Senior Associate in Debt Capital Markets at Santander Bank, where she issued the first sustainable bonds in Latin America. Previously, Adriana was a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co., and also worked at the Global Climate Finance team at Rocky Mountain Institute. Adriana earned a B.A. in Financial Management from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (2014), a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University (2021), and has passed the CFA level I.

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Important information on ESG results
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The following factors are taken into account in the calculation of the ratings: 
1.         The ESG team uses data issued from a recognised third party provider to establish the severity level of corporate controversies
2.         LOIM has developed its own business rating methodology that integrates data from multiple sources. The scores thus obtained are updated on a weekly basis and represent an assessment of the Environmental, Social and Governance quality of a company. These grades were designed by LOIM's ESG experts and take into account the most relevant extra-financial dimensions applicable to each company’s activity.

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