our place within the European SFDR.


The European SFDR regulation (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) came into effect In March 2021. This regulation stipulates that asset managers must communicate on the level of integration of sustainability into their investment strategies. They must also classify their funds according to the level of integration and the objectives sought.

Essentially, SFDR asks: does the investment product claim to be sustainable or integrate ESG? If so, the asset manager must report on these indicators.

Our core investment conviction is that sustainability is a key driver of risk and return as the economy transitions towards a CLIC® economy. We offer a wide range of sustainable strategies focussing on areas such as climate, nature, decarbonisation and food systems.

Classification criteria


Article 9. Funds must have a sustainable objective and set a minimum target of assets allocated to ‘sustainable investments’.

SFDR-article8.png Article 8. Funds that promote environment and/or social characteristics but do not have a sustainable objective. Article 8 funds can choose to commit to a minimum target of underlying holdings classified as ‘sustainable investment’.
SFDR-article6.png Article 6. Funds that are not article 8 or 9 products, and that do not integrate any kind of sustainability into the investment process, nevertheless are required to describe the manner in which sustainability risks are integrated into their investment decisions.

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   Blue text denotes Towards Sustainability labelled funds. 



LOIM, as at 31 January 2022. The Towards Sustainability Quality Standards (for sustainable financial products) and labels were developed by the Central Labelling Agency. This award should not be construed as an endorsement of the Investment Manager, the Fund or any other private fund or pool advised by the investment manager or any of its affiliates.