our core offerings for institutional investors.

Through bespoke, sustainable investment solutions, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our institutional clients.

sustainable solutions.

Lombard Odier Investment Managers is the privately owned asset management business of Lombard Odier Group, which has served our clients for seven generations since its establishment in 1796.

Our heritage, and our combination of the best of conservatism, innovation and commitment to investing in the sustainability revolution, keep us well positioned to create lasting value for our clients. With over 130 investment professionals and a network of 13 offices across Europe, Asia and North America, we are a global business.

Our fund platform provides institutions access to a comprehensive range of high conviction and systematic investment expertise that covers the investment spectrum.

why Lombard Odier IM.



We focus on where we can add the most value and being your trusted, long-term business partner. 



Whether they are fiduciary requirements or portfolio needs, we look to understand your specific requirements so that we can offer the best possible services. 


We are guided by the simple belief that sustainability drives future returns: companies with a combination of sustainable financial models, business practices and business models will drive excess returns. Recognised as a corporation committed to driving sustainability, we were the first global wealth and asset manager to obtain a B Corp certification.


our approach to current investment challenges.


negative yields.

Investors in Swiss bonds currently face extremely low or negative yields, as well as receiving increasingly limited return from lengthening duration.

Solutions: We offer a range of strategies, starting from our highly commended active expertise in Swiss Franc bonds, yield improvement programs such as cross-over corporate bonds and Asia value bonds, as well as a lower correlation to traditional assets including alternative credit exposures, yielding real assets like infrastructure and insurance linked securities/catastrophe bonds.

For investors seeking to reduce interest rate risks, money market offerings such as the ultra-low duration strategy strategy provide investors a high level of liquidity and protection, and a risk free yield in volatile market conditions.



rising volatility and valuations.

The investment landscape is currently characterised by increased volatility arising from factors such as risk aversion, geopolitical risk and uncertainty. At the same time, the expansive policy of the central banks is inflating the valuation of the financial assets. These combined may generate strong market shocks in the future. 

Solutions: Convertible bonds are historically more resilient to moves in interest rates and capture equity returns with less volatility, and a capital floor. Thanks to its unique convexity characteristics, this asset class enables investors to participate in the potential upside of equities, but the bond feature could protect them from the downside.



extra-financial risks and carbon emissions: the sustainability dimension.

In 2017, Switzerland signed the Paris agreement (COP21), committing itself to reduce its carbon emissions.  In the same year, the Swiss Federal Council implemented a survey addressed to the pension plans to measure their carbon footprint.  Furthermore, in 2018, ASIP the umbrella organization of the Swiss pension plans, introduced the concept of sustainability as being part of the fiduciary duties of any board members. Both extra-financial risks and carbon emissions therefore represent challenges for institutional investors.

Solutions: Our approach to sustainability, and in particular our proprietary ESG-CAR methodology provides a thorough analysis of the business practices of all companies in which we invest in. This toolset allows us to reduce significantly the extra-financial and environmental risks of the portfolios of our investors. We feature ESG integration within our investment solutions, a family of indexed Swiss domiciled equity and bond funds, a passive offering with a systematic sustainable overlay, replicating standard equity and bond benchmarks within a maximum tracking error of 0.50%.


core institutional client base.

Pension plans

Defined benefit and defined contribution schemes are at an important junction. Low interest rates, demographic changes and unclear economic growth continues to offer challenges. The importance of cost management and integrating responsible investing is also gaining momentum from both a regulatory and member perspective. At Lombard Odier IM, we recognise these challenges and believe our product range, alongside our expertise, can help pension schemes.



At Lombard Odier IM, we understand the impact that new regulations and market volatility can have on our life and general insurance partners. We believe these institutions are increasingly open to exploring new opportunities, and our experience can help manage this unique challenge of what we call ‘the need for asymmetric return profiles’; by targeting a strong upside with a dedicated focus on downside risks.



With over 223 years of experience, we at Lombard Odier IM continue to successfully help our partners invest for the long-term. We appreciate the importance of providing investors with a high level of bespoke investment advice for the best possible service. Our heritage and boutique size offers a wealth of experience and the agility to help our partners  weather downturns, endure bull markets and withstand crises. 


Official institutions

With dedicated offices around the world, we offer a complete range of customised solutions, with varying risk/reward profiles. Alongside our investment advice and expertise, our in-house systems, developed throughout our investment platform, provides tailored services for enhanced reporting and transparency. 



We partner with global and local investment consultants to provide the focused support on behalf of their clients. Whether it is product research, market insights or our latest thought leadership, we strive to provide an informative experience to empower consultants to better serve their clients’ needs.



Raphael Kron
Head of Institutional Switzerland


Eric Roeleven
Institutional Zurich


Valery Babey 
Institutional Geneva


Benoît Piette
Institutional Geneva

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