LO Funds
Ultra Low Duration (EUR)


General information

Asset Class Fixed Income
Category Ultra Low Duration
Share Class reference currency EUR
Benchmark FTSE 6-Months Euro Eurodeposit in EUR
Dividend Policy Accumulated
Total Assets (all classes) in mn EUR 372.70 31.03.2020
Assets (share class) in mn EUR 130.81 31.03.2020
Number of positions 79 31.03.2020
TER 0.16% 30.09.2019


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Risk rating

Lower risk Higher risk
Typically lower reward Typically higher reward

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. The performance data do not take account of the commissions and costs incurred on the issue and redemption of units, performance is presented net of fees. The NAV of fund units and official prices of benchmarks are used for performance comparison purposes. Source of the figures: Lombard Odier.

Performance & statistics

Fund Benchmark
Total Return -1.44% -1.11%
Annualized Return -0.49% -0.38%
Annualized Volatility 0.74% 0.02%
Sharpe Ratio -0.08 2.64
Downside Deviation 0.71% 0.00%
Positive Months 38.89% 0.00%
Maximum Drawdown -1.43% -1.11%
*  Risk-Free Rate -0.43% Target Rate -0.43%
Calculations based on monthly time series
Earliest Date: 09.05.2017, Latest date: 02.04.2020
Fund vs Benchmark
Correlation 0.120
R2 0.014
Alpha 0.10%
Beta 4.432
Tracking Error 0.73%
Information Ratio -0.149


LO Funds - Ultra Low Duration (EUR) is an actively managed fixed income portfolio which launched in May 2017. The strategy invests mainly in: bonds denominated in any currency; public and private issuers (with a minimum rating of BBB-); securitised products such as asset-back securities, residential mortgage backed securities and commercial mortgage backed securities (with a minimum rating of BBB-); money market instruments; and financial derivative instruments such as interest rate swaps, futures on rates and FX forwards. Currency risk is systematically hedged against the EUR. The strategy adopts a conservative investment approach and strict risk controls, with the aim of providing investors with regular income, a high level of liquidity and returns in line with the FTSE 6 Month Euro Eurodeposit in EUR terms index. The strategy has a maximum duration of one year and a maximum credit spread duration of two years. It is restricted from investing in securities with a maturity of more than three years and amortising securitised products with a weighted average life over one year. Risk management is performed by fund managers; in addition, automated, pre-trade compliance checks are performed, and independent teams oversee investment risks and operational risks.


Credit Ratings Fitch (in %)

AAA 0.00%
AA 0.00%
A 0.00%
BBB 0.00%
BB 0.00%
Not rated 0.00%

Maturities (in %)

Overnight 0.00%
8 to 30 days 0.00%
31 to 60 days 0.00%
61 to 90 days 0.00%
91 to 180 days 0.00%
181 to 365 days 0.00%
366 to 396 days 0.00%
397 days to 2 years 0.00%
More than 2 years 0.00%

Portfolio Breakdown (in %)

Financials 0.00%
Consumer, Cyclical 0.00%
Asset Backed Securities 0.00%
Consumer, Non-Cyclical 0.00%
Government 0.00%
Industrials 0.00%
Basic Materials 0.00%
Mortgage Securities 0.00%
Communications 0.00%
Energy 0.00%

Corporate sectors (in %)

Banks 0.00%
Auto Manufacturers 0.00%
Diversified Finan Serv 0.00%
Other ABS 0.00%
Municipal 0.00%
Distribution/wholesale 0.00%
Food 0.00%
Chemicals 0.00%
Machinery-Diversified 0.00%
WL Collateral CMO 0.00%


David Callahan Investment Management (Money Markets)
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Florian Helly Investment Management (Money Markets)
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Security numbers


Subscriptions and redemptions frequency Daily
Subscriptions and redemptions cut-off day T
Subscriptions and redemptions cut-off time 14:00 CET
Subscriptions and redemptions settlement date T+2
NAV valuation point T
NAV calculation day T+1
NAV calculation frequency Daily
Minimum Investment CHF 1'000'000 or eq
Management Fee 0.10%
Distribution Fee 0.00%

Security Numbers

ISIN LU1577897678
TELEKURS 35946294



Prices over selected period

Last EUR 0.00 02.04.2020
First EUR 0.00 09.05.2017
Highest EUR 0.00 12.06.2017
Lowest EUR 0.00 24.03.2020
* Earliest Date: 09.05.2017, Latest date: 02.04.2020



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