fixed income.

    A key area of expertise for us, bonds account for more than a third of our assets under management. Since 1985, we have been constantly innovating to help bond investors navigate the changing world.

    driven by sustainability.

    Our 23-strong global team manages a variety of fixed income strategies, from fundamentally-weighted to high conviction. While our approach is tailored to our clients and the markets, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.


    high conviction fixed income.

    Actively managed, long-only portfolios that looks for the best opportunities across bond sectors and geographies in any given market environment,  backed by robust internal research and top-down insight

    • Swiss fixed income
    • Asia fixed income
    • Impact bonds
    • Cash solutions


    fundamental fixed income.

    Range of systematically-constructed portfolios that focus on issuers with strong fundamental credit quality and attractive valuations, designed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional market-cap weighted debt indices

    • Sovereign bonds
    • Corporate credit
    • Crossover (BBB-BB)
    • Emerging markets
    • Inflation-linked

    TargetNetZero IG

    The TargetNetZero Global and European investment-grade (IG) credit strategies focus on companies contributing to rapid decarbonisation and the potential to achieve full decarbonisation by 2050. It seeks issuers that are in the forefront of the transition to a net-zero emissions economy and will benefit from the profound changes that will result from it. These strategies combine attractive return potential and low turnover with an overall target of net-zero emissions1.

    Target performance/risk are portfolio construction goals and cannot be guaranteed.

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    asia value bonds.

    The Asia bond universe (USD-denominated) is a diverse and growing market, thanks to the trends shaping Asian economies. We see a changing market which offers attractive yield1 potential compared with developed market bonds. 

    The Asia Value Bond investment strategy adopts a high conviction approach. It seeks to dynamically allocate to the most sustainable Asia-Pacific bond market opportunities

    1Yields are subject to change and can vary over time.

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    climate bonds.

    climate bonds.

    We have partnered with Affirmative Investment Management (AIM), the first asset manager dedicated to fixed income impact strategies, to create this exciting opportunity to finance positive climate and social impact.

    Once occupying a niche space in investors’ portfolios, climate bonds form a fast-growing market that offers investment-grade bond investors the potential to add real impact.

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    emerging local currency debt.

    emerging market local currency debt.

    Many emerging market countries have strengthened their economies over recent years, putting them on much firmer footing for future growth.

    As emerging markets are a collection of very diverse economies, it follows that the impact of various risk scenarios will vary significantly from country to country. Our fundamentally-weighted approach puts risk-mitigation at the centre when assessing each emerging market.

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    Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels Recovery

    Fallen angels are bond issuances which are downgraded from investment grade to high yield.
    We believe these can offer more favourable risk/return than standard high yield bonds during market recoveries as well as in more benign markets.
    Leveraging LOIM’s leading market research & analysis, in our opinion our Fallen Angels Recovery fund could provide the opportunity to exploit valuation over-reactions on downgrade to high yield.

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    The Global Fixed Income Opportunities

    In the current environment of lower yields and higher volatility, The Global Fixed Income Opportunities offers an unconstrained global strategy with dynamic allocation aiming to help investors better manage risk and continue to optimise sources of alpha to achieve positive returns1.

    There can be no assurance that the Sub-Fund’s investment objective will be achieved or that there will be a return on capital or that a substantial loss will not be incurred.

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    crossover credit.

    crossover credit.

    Investors are increasingly exploring corporate credit markets to seek to improve the yield potential of their bond investments.

    Crossover” credit comprises bonds with a credit rating of either BBB or BB. Our fundamentals-based strategy puts quality and low turnover at its heart, aiming to help investors prudently search for yield2 while moving down the rating spectrum.

    2Yields are subject to change and can vary over time.

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    Swiss franc bonds.

    Swiss franc bonds.

    We believe that the Swiss fixed income market offers compelling investment opportunities both due to its limited liquidity and size and the segmentation of investors.

    As Swiss fixed income specialists our role is to identify and exploit any inefficiencies we find. Our high conviction strategy combines local expertise with macro and micro insights from across our fixed income platform.

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    cash solutions.

    cash solutions.

    As yields globally continue to remain under pressure, investors are faced with the challenge of mitigating this, while maintaining liquidity and managing their portfolios’ sensitivity to interest rate changes.

    Lombard Odier Investment Managers has a dedicated range of Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS funds and Swiss-domiciled short-term money market and ultra low duration funds for a variety of risk appetites and yield requirements, each targeting steady income while following a careful liquidity management framework.

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    a new paradigm

    a new paradigm.

    We believe embracing a new paradigm in fixed income markets involves adopting a strategy built around trading less and building safer portfolios focused on quality.

    For more on how investors need to rethink fixed income investing, please click here

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