At Lombard Odier IM we have a well-resourced, dedicated and highly experienced investment team managing a flagship range that has won accolades over two decades. For over 30 years, our goal has remained steadfast: to capture the return asymmetry inherent in convertible bonds.

a leader in the field.

Sustainability is firmly integrated in our approach. We look at the sustainability of the financial model, of business practices and of a company’s business model.

Our 11-strong team manages four market-leading range of convertible bond strategies: 

  • Global
  • Asia
  • High yield
  • Low delta

In an environment of greater volatility on the path to monetary policy normalization, alongside rising rates, softening economic indicators and ongoing geopolitical uncertainties, we think it is beneficial to consider the asymmetrical benefits of a convertible bond allocation.

global convertible bonds.

global convertible bonds.

Convertible bonds provide the potential to benefit from rising markets while limiting the downside in falling markets due to its bond features. This asymmetrical quality can provide useful diversification for traditional portfolios, especially in uncertain times. 

Our flagship high conviction strategy, launched in 1987, seeks out the best convertible bonds opportunities worldwide, with a focus on balanced convertibles with good quality credit.

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