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A common language for financial markets will drive green investment

The European Union needs an extra €180bn a year to meet its energy and climate goals by 2030. A common language is a crucial step towards making this a reality.

Climate change is a pressing sustainability challenges. Green bonds are an increasingly important instrument for investors to use to avoid carbon emissions.

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The sustainability storm

Climate change represents a systemic risk that cannot be diversified away. Investment professionals have a fiduciary duty to take climate risks into account. 

An inflection point for global trade and policy
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An inflection point for global trade and policy

We see global monetary policy stimulus due to a slowdown in growth.  Trade news flow seems out of synch with central banks.

Getting to know convertible bonds
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Getting to know convertible bonds

What is a convertible bond? We run through the basics. Convertibles feature elements of both equities and fixed income.  

We approach drawdown control with a view to minimising opportunity costs while delivering downside protection. 

Lors de notre dernier commentaire, l'équipe de Johan Utterman a démontré la manière dont les mégatendances structurelles auront un impact important sur la réussite durable des entreprises suisses dans le futur. 

Obligations convertibles : protéger son exposition actions dans un cadre de gouvernance allégé

Les périodes d’incertitude exigent des portefeuilles résistants, particulièrement pour ce qui est des régimes de retraite ou des assureurs détenant des actions.