our sustainable investment framework.

a framework model informed by research.

Research from our dedicated sustainability research team completely underpins our approach to sustainable investing.

Our team analyses how the economy is undergoing the transition from WILD to CLIC® through essential systems changes in order to help us understand how an industry or sector is transitioning and how this could impact the investment universe. Their perspectives both inform our current investments and help design our future capabilities.

Key focus areas include creating transition roadmaps and alignment tools, conducting geospatial analysis and generating thematic research on systems changes across industries. The 30-strong team generates forward-looking industry pathways to guide our views, as well as helping to design specialist strategies such as New Food Systems, Circular Economy, TargetNetZero and Planetary Transition.

Our sustainability experts work in conjunction with our 40 investment professionals across asset classes to apply research to our investment range. Our managers are also supported and informed by our stewardship activities.

Partnerships with Systemiq and Oxford University further fortify our research capability by adding dedicated resources to understanding how the economy is transitioning and opening new opportunities.

an offering in three pillars.

Our response to the perspectives provided by our research is a sustainability offering articulated around three pillars. We address sustainability in our strategies in three ways:

CLIC® thematic strategies.
Strategies that, from inception, are based on a sustainability theme and designed at their core to address the transition to CLIC® through systems change. Here, a sustainability thematic view supplants traditional asset class views to express convictions and capture the potential upside from the transition.
Examples include strategies such as: Natural Capital, Climate Transition, Biodiversity and New Food Systems

CLIC® impact strategies.
Strategies based on measurable impact where a positive sustainability outcome is achieved in relevant areas such as climate or nature. Here, we are funding the green transition through our green convictions.
Examples include strategies such as: Global Climate Bond, Sustainable Private Credit and Sustainable Plastic solutions.

portfolio alignment.
Strategies where  forward-looking sustainability metrics and insights are integrated into investment choices to ensure alignment with our clients' sustainability objectives. Bespoke Lombard Odier metrics such as Implied Temperature Rise (ITR)are applied to our strategies across the more traditional asset classes. 
Examples include our TargetNetZero franchise; our range of fixed income and equity strategies as well as our All Roads multi-asset strategy and our convertible bonds range




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