What are the pressures driving change?

The pressure on the corporate world to transition to a more sustainable model isn’t new. But today, forces including social consciousness, the political agenda, increasing investor focus, sustainability enablers and the cost of climate change are rapidly converging to further accelerate The Sustainability Revolution and drive companies to adapt.

Social consciousness

increasingly formidable and informed by the burgeoning granularity and availability of data, growing social consciousness is expressed through consumer preferences, voting patterns, social media and traditional media.


The political agenda

with social consciousness growing, the political agendas of many jurisdictions globally are increasingly focused on sustainability leading to the rapid implementation of new rules and regulations. This affects companies directly as well as indirectly by driving change in investor and consumer behaviour.


Increasing focus from investors

as their understanding of the role environmental, social and governance principles can play in driving value grows, investors are directing more capital towards sustainable companies.


The rapid development of sustainability enablers

the digital revolution is providing an unparalleled opportunity to create more sustainable business models and disrupt unsustainable ones.


The growing and ever more apparent cost of climate change

consequences including more frequent and severe weather events and shortages of natural resources such as water are already forcing companies to adapt.